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Jiale is very passionate about his job, and is a very dedicated financial planner who goes the extra mile for his clients. When I approached him to discuss my financial planning, he provides me with insights as to the pros and cons of making certain policy decisions and sincerely recommends what's the best and necessary for me. For that, I am really grateful and satisfied with his service.

If you are looking for someone whom you can trust and make your financial planning journey a more enjoyable one, I will definitely recommend Kah Lok! :)

—Lim Shibin

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Jiale was introduced to me to help me plan for my retirement. Within a few days of our initial fact-finding meeting, he followed up with a few strategies for me to consider. He is well informed and his findings were practical and effective. It was a very pleasant experience working with him and I am happy to recommend him. I now have an effective plan in place for my pension thanks to him.

— Richard Adams


"Jiale is a wonderful Financial Adviser we came across by both FATE and CHANCE. He is always very patient and meticulous about explaining the products from his company. Knowing and understanding what we (the customer) wants is always his TOP PRIORITY in his passion to serve. Knowing him has both being knowledgeable and REWARDING for us as he will constantly update us with the latest news in the policies that we have and also helpful tips for financial planning.

— Ng Chun Kiat


From a stranger to an agent to a friend. Jiale has been helpful, informative and competent in handling my various policies and claims. He also adds his own personal touches with little thoughtful gifts and messages and always prompt in his replies and follow up actions. Definitely recommend him and thanks!

— Jessica Koh


Shady, dishonest, impatient are words that I would NOT use to describe Jiale. In fact, he's quite the opposite. Throughout my financial journey with him, he has been patient, helpful and open in assisting me to make better financial decisions. His strong suit would be his honesty and sincerity. While others are out there to earn a quick buck, Jia Le prefers to patiently understand his clients financial situation before recommending policies that would help them achieve their personal goals. This guy is definitely in for the long run and I feel is someone you can trust with your finance. I feel rest assured that I'm in Jiale's hands and would recommend others to take up his services too.

— Matthew ng


Unlike many planners we have encountered in the past, Jiale takes care of our overall coverage (even if the plans are not from AXA), makes sure we know what we are covered for, and what we appreciate the most - he's really just a phone call/text message away (not say say only).

We love that he is humble despite his expertise and always seeking new knowledge so as to help his clients better. He is also a very thoughtful person who will keep a lookout for his clients, who I believe have mostly become his friends.

Thank you Jiale for all the support and advice you have provided us with thus far. We look forward to many many more years of la kopi time with you :))

— Euphie Lee


Jiale is a very sincere and honest finance planner... He always placed his client's best interest in the first place. Treating each and everyone of them like his own friends and family... thumbs up to him!!!

— Katherine Lin


I'm writing as a customer of AXA that has been engaged with Jiale for my son's insurance. Based on my opinion, I'd described him as a hardworking and dedicated financial consultant who gives a personalize approach. He is the person who always willing to take an extra mile to ensure that all the client's need are being taken care of. Honest and friendly are his best personal traits which make us very easily to open and share our son future plan. Therefore, we believe that our son policy is being handled by the right person.

— Adrian cahyo Hagianto